10th Spektrum
Film Festival
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024

Close Cinema, outdoor screenings in Lower Silesia

The Wrocław Film Foundation and the Center for Culture and Art in Wrocław invite you to summer film screenings in Lower Silesian outdoors from June 22. Until September, there will be a total of five screenings of cinema hits from recent years. "Bliskie Kino" will come to Szczepanów, Duszniki Zdrój, Oborniki Śląskie, Świebodzice and Kamienna Góra.

The Wrocław Film Foundation has been providing great film experiences for 10 years not only in Wrocław, but also in Lower Silesia. “This year’s anniversary of the Spektrum Festival in Świdnica, which will become a Polish-Czech event from 2024, encouraged us to create a traveling cinema program focused on Lower Silesia. Five summer screenings will be held under the slogan Close Cinema, because we believe that cinema should be available everywhere and in the neighborhood,” says Paweł Kosun, one of the founders of the Wrocław Film Foundation. From June to September, free film screenings are planned in Szczepanów, Duszniki Zdrój, Oborniki Śląskie, Świebodzice and Kamienna Góra. The program included titles awarded at the most important European and world festivals, which are both light, summery and touching. All screenings are free and take place outdoors. Each screening will be accompanied by lectures and discussions.




22/06 (Saturday), 20:30 | SZCZEPANÓW | "Green Book", dir. Peter Farelly

A great Oscar winner who received three statuettes. Mahershala Ali as a distinguished musician and Viggo Mortensen as his Italian-American chauffeur in the award-winning story of an unlikely friendship loved by audiences around the world.

Tony, a small-time hustler from the Bronx, hoping to make a fortune, hires himself as a chauffeur for the outstanding, flamboyant musician Don Shirley. Together they set off on a multi-week tour to the southern United States. Seemingly, everything makes them different: from their wealth and education, through their way of being, to their favorite food and entertainment. Over time, however, they will have the opportunity to find out that there is actually more that unites them than divides them. Their joint, adventurous journey will become the beginning of an incredible friendship.



21/07 (Sunday), 21:00 | DUSZNIKI ZDRÓJ | "I, Daniel Blake", dir. Ken Loach

A funny, moving and heartwarming work by Ken Loach, one of the most important directors of European cinema. Honored with the most important award at the Cannes festival, this is an incredibly touching and humorous story of a mature man who decides to help a single mother with two children get back on her feet. However, when he starts applying for benefits himself, he finds himself in the gears of a soulless, bureaucratic machine like something out of a Franz Kafka novel. Despite the indifference of officials and the subsequent challenges they have to face in their everyday lives, Daniel and Katie will rediscover the joy of life and true friendship.




10/08 (Saturday), 21:00 | OBORNIKI ŚLĄSKIE | "Another Round", dir. Thomas Vinterberg

Martin is a history teacher, husband and father of two children, and above all, a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown. For him, the only cure for a midlife crisis, burnout and relationship problems is alcohol. He is taking part in a buddy experiment – four teachers are testing the theory that humans are supposedly born with a lack of alcohol in their bodies, which needs to be constantly replenished. And in this way, the classic psychological drama smoothly turns into a comedy that stumbles inevitably towards a tragic hangover. This cocktail of sadness, laughter and nostalgia for the lost joie de vivre, however, is less about drunkenness and more about closeness, which men cannot take or give, so they avoid it – as if it were a non-alcoholic Kamikaze.




30/08 (Friday), 20:30 | ŚWIEBODZICE | "20,000 species of bees", dir. Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

Estibaliz Urresola’s debut Solaguren is a tender, delicate film about acceptance, full of admiration for the diversity of the world, which has room for as many as 20,000 species of bees. So why is the vast variety of ways in which human personality, gender and sexuality are manifested so often arousing opposition? 20,000 species of bees is also a touching portrait of a family that is like a swarm: everyone has a role, everyone protects each other. There is a place here for lost mothers, brave daughters, outsider aunts and grandmothers who guard family secrets. And although this hive is full of emotions, generations and experiences collide, each of its inhabitants has the right to want their whole life for themselves.




14/09 (Saturday), 20:30 | STONE MOUNTAIN | "Beautiful Boy", dir. Felix van Groeningen

The story of a family that has to face the addiction of an adolescent boy. It is a story about a teenager who is looking for his path, about dreams that lead him to the edge of the abyss, and about the love of parents who cannot let go of their child. This is the first such an honest, true and moving film about family, unconditional love, pride, disappointments and hope.

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