10th Spektrum
Film Festival
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024

“Come on! Be a child!”

The Spektrum Film Discussion Club has attracted many film enthusiasts to the Świdnicki Cultural Center since April. Fortunately, the summer months do not mean a break from films! From July to September, the club will take place outdoors – in the market square in Świdnica. The program includes real hits under the theme "Come on! Be a child!". The first screening is on July 6th!

“There are probably no closer and more challenging relationships than those between children and parents. However, one can talk about them in a light, accessible way for viewers,” says Paweł Kosuń, the programmer of the Spektrum Film Discussion Club. Under the theme “Come on! Be a child!” there are three summer screenings with lectures in the Świdnica market square.

The first of these (July 6, 9:30 PM) is “The Florida Project” featuring a brilliant supporting role by Willem Dafoe and directed by Sean Baker, who won the main prize at this year’s Cannes Festival. It’s a real cinematic playground for adults.

For August (August 3, 8:30 PM), the film “The Immensity” starring Penelope Cruz is scheduled. It’s a remarkable fairy tale about growing up against the backdrop of 1970s Rome, with the dreams of a child taking center stage, dreams that cannot be fulfilled. The atmosphere of the title is perfectly captured by a line spoken by one of the characters played by Cruz: “I am not worried about children’s fantasies. It’s the fantasies of adults who think they are children that worry me more.”

The last film in this installment of the Spektrum Film Discussion Club (September 7, 8:00 PM) will be “The Quiet Girl”. After a summer explosion of colors, directed by Colm Bairead, viewers will move to the Irish countryside, where we will learn that words, even sparingly spoken, have a great power of transformation. The film received the European Film Award and has been hailed as the best picture from Ireland in the last decade.

All screenings as part of the summer version of the Spektrum Film Discussion Club will take place in the Świdnica market square. Admission is free.



6.07, 9:30 PM | "The Florida Project", dir. Sean Baker

Moonee is a six-year-old with a mischievous smile, spending her days outside with a group of friends. Home for them is the Magic Castle Motel, which from the outside looks like a palace from a fairy tale. However, the rooms, rented by the hour, are hardly the place one would find princesses. Instead, they are inhabited by various eccentrics, life’s losers, and cleaners earning the minimum wage. Unconcerned by her surroundings, Moonee, like an explorer from an adventure novel, roams the nearby wastelands as if they were the densest jungle, and concocts new pranks with her friends. Unaware of the increasingly risky steps her mother must take to pay for another week’s room, Moonee is the happiest child in the world, seemingly drawing energy from the nearby Disneyland peeking over the horizon.



3.08, 8:30 PM | "The Immensity", dir. Emanuele Crialese

In the 1970s Rome, the Borghetti family has just moved into a new apartment boasting a stunning panorama. The seemingly idyllic life of Clara and her husband is undercut by a sense of alienation and loneliness. They are not short on money, but their love for each other has faded and they find themselves unable to part ways. Full of youthful energy and mischievousness, Clara does not fit into the world of stiff adults and finds their company dull. The eldest daughter, Adriana, recognizes her father’s oppressiveness, his numerous infidelities, and the loneliness that consumes her mother. The children lack their father’s attention; Clara lacks love and understanding from her husband. The tension in the family relationships reaches a zenith and leads to a critical moment when Adriana, taking advantage of her anonymity in the new neighborhood, begins to pretend to be a boy to other children.


7.09, 8:00 PM | "The Quiet Girl, dir. Colm Bairead

“The Quiet Girl” tells the story of 9-year-old Cáit, who lives in a large, impoverished family. After her mother becomes pregnant again, Cáit is sent to live with relatives in the countryside. Previously withdrawn and subdued, Cáit begins to open up to the world and explore the mysteries of her new home. Awarded at the Berlinale in 2022, the film uniquely creates an atmosphere, masterfully uses subtlety, and mesmerizes with its camera work. It is a warm, touching story about the unexpected, developing bonds between a child and adults, as well as about the innocence of childhood.




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