9th Spektrum
Film Festival
24-29 October 2023
24-29 October 2023

Summer Cinema, open-air warming up before the 9th edition of the festival

Cinema returns to Świdnica in the summer! The Spektrum Film Festival invites you to open-air screenings as part of the warming up before the 9th edition of the festival

The Spektrum Film Festival once again invites you to outdoor screenings as part of the warming up before the upcoming 9th edition of the festival. In the heart of the Świdnica market square, three films full of Spektrums energy and humor will be shown, and admission to the events is free.

We will see a sunny, bright and juicy color comedy “Arab Blues” about the adventures of a French-raised psychoanalyst who returns to her native Tunisia to open her own practice, where cultural differences will generate a series of witty mistakes and misunderstandings; we will watch the comical struggle of the charismatic owner of the family factory in the movie “The Good Boss” (played by the great Javier Bardem) to receive the local award for the best business and we will try to save the world together with the heroine of the Icelandic blockbuster “Woman at War”, who is like a superhero decides to fight a powerful concern that poses a threat to the local environment.



July 15, 9:30 pm | "Arab Blues”, dir. Manele Labidi (France, Tuneisia, 2019, 88’)

Well everywhere but at home is best? The comedy “Arab Blues” reminds us that returning home is not always easy. This is the case of Selma, raised in France, who decides to return to Tunisia to open a psychoanalytic practice. On the spot, however, it turns out that not only is no one waiting for her there, but her profession and lifestyle seem somewhat suspicious even to her closest relatives. The charisma, charm and on-screen magnetism of the lead actress, Golshifteh Farahani (star of Jim Jarmusch’s “Paterson” and Asghar Farhadi’s “What Do You Know About Elly”) make us root for the psychoanalyst’s crazy plans from the very beginning.




August 12, 8:30 pm | "The Good Boss”, dir. Fernando León de Aranoa (Spain, 2021, 120’)

How far will Blanco (Javier Bardem), the charismatic owner of the family factory, go to win the local best business award? The pressure to make everything perfect collide with unforeseen antics from a revenge-seeking fired employee, a depressed manager or a love-struck intern. To get his way, the calculating “good boss” meddles unscrupulously in the private lives of his employees and crosses all acceptable limits, unknowingly setting off an explosive chain reaction leading to unimaginable consequences. “The Good Boss” is a penetrating study of characters, and at the same time a social satire on the working environment, steeped in biting humour. The film was the Spanish candidate for the Oscar 2022.




September 9, 8:00 pm | „Woman at War”, dir. Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland, France, Ukraine, 2018, 101’)

The world will not save itself! Winner of the LUX Prize for Best European Film and winner of 10 Icelandic Oscars; a hit story about a woman who turns the system upside down! Halla lives in a small town and is a conductor of a local choir. No one suspects that Halla, always smiling and full of positive energy, leads a second life after hours. Hiding under the pseudonym “Woman from the Mountains”, like a superhero, she declares the fight against a powerful company that poses a threat to the Icelandic environment.






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