9th Spektrum
Film Festival
24-29 October 2023
24-29 October 2023

Spektrum summer cinema

The Spektrum Film Festival invites you to three open-air screenings as part of the announcement of the upcoming 8th edition of the festival. In the very heart of the Świdnica market square, three of the most interesting full features in this season will be shown.

Viewers will see the intimate, tender “C’mon C’mon” – a black and white film by Mike Mills, which builds bridges between generations, cheers up and sticks plasters on our most painful wounds; twice nominated for the Oscar “The Worst Person in the World” – playful, funny, bittersweet and completely unpredictable love story dir. Joachim Trier, and the latest film by the master of Spanish cinema Pedro Almodóvar, “Parallel Mothers” with Penélope Cruz, awarded for her role at the Venice festival – is a declaration of faith in the strength in women, their solidarity and courage, and at the same time warm, spontaneous and not devoid of dramatic plot twists cinema full of hope.

Admission to the shows is free!



16 July, 9:00 p.m. | "C’mon C’mon”, dir. Mike Mills (USA, 2021, 110’)

Phoenix plays the role of the New York single, a charming, warm-hearted journalist who travels America with a microphone, asking kids and teenagers about their lives, dreams, superpowers and plans for the future. Along the way, the reporter visits Los Angeles-based sister (Gaby Hoffman), with whom he has not spoken in years and who now needs his help. To support her in caring for her nine-year-old son (Woody Norman), Johnny takes him to New York. It will be lesson of patience, responsibility and most of all: an adulthood that the journalist has so far avoided. It will also allow him to understand that real superpowers are those ruled by mothers.




20 August, 08:30 p.m. | "The Worst Person in the World”, dir. Joachim Trier (Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark, 2021, 128’)

Julie turns thirty soon and is full of life energy, but also full of dilemmas. She is happy with Aksel, a talented and successful cartoonist, but their views on the future together are slightly different. When Julie meets Eivind at a random party and spends all night with him, she begins to wonder if this younger, self-confident and slightly crazy boy is just what she needs in life.




3 September, 7:30 p.m. | "Parallel Mothers”, dir. Pedro Almodóvar (Spain, 2021, 120’)

The protagonists of the film, Janis (Cruz) and Ana (Milena Smit) meet in the maternity ward. Janis is a mature woman, Ana has barely ceased to be a teenager. Both are single, both are facing independent motherhood. Janis knows she can handle it, Ana is full of fears. It seems that their paths will scarcely cross each other, but the bond that connects them will turn out to be as strong as an umbilical cord. As it happens with Almodóvar: coincidence can become destiny, and a family by choice can become the one that offers unconditional acceptance and love.

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