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Radek Miszczak aka Disco Devilll

Radek Miszczak aka Disco Devilll

A Wrocław entrepreneur in creative industries, strongly associated with the startup scene and the new technology industry, and also a traveler, music activist and DJ, winner of the 30 Kreatywnych Wrocławia 2021 award. Co-author of two music encyclopedias (hip-hop and soul / r & b). He is passionate about collecting vinyl records, and he shares his favorite recordings, warming up the dance floors with juicy mixes of sounds with a black pedigree.

From January this year, Disco Devilll explored the wild corners of South America, starting from the paradise beaches of Brazil, through the La Plata estuary in the divine Buenos Aires, swinging with penguins in Tierra del Fuego, condors in the Andes and flamingos in the Salaras in Bolivia, to finally settle with shamans in the Sacred Valley of the Incas at Maccu Picchu, Peru. In addition to the mass of indescribable impressions, he brought with him a lot of music discovered on the tour, which will rock us in the Bolko Club!

Disco Devilll will rock an intergenerational dance at Club Bolko on Saturday, October 29, at 10:00 p.m..

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