8th Spektrum
Film Festival

A Piece of Sky


Closer competition

In program

25.10.2022 / 19:45
Kup bilet

Director: Michael Koch

Producer: Christof Neracher

Cast: Michèle Brand, Simon Wisler

Switzerland, Germany 2022

The most original film of this year’s Berlinale (Special Jury Award). The postcard scenery of the Alpine province serves as a contrast to the hardships of life for characters thrown upon the whims of nature and shenanigans of perverse fate. All these inconveniences most powerfully befall Anna, a local waitress, who gets involved with Mark, a slightly older man. Mark, as an outsider, not very handsome, and easily excitable, is distrusted by the local community. However, the more facts testify to his disadvantage, the more eagerly Anna advocates for him, knowing that she is also fighting for the right to life her way. But A Piece of Sky is more than a combination of a tribute to a woman’s strength and a touching love story. The real talent of director Michael Koch is that he can smoothly balance between a serious tone and a refreshing mockery. In this way, the Swiss film sometimes turns into a chronicle of provincial absurdities, in which there is a place for kitschy folklore, 90s pop, and even Bollywood aesthetics.

It’s beautifully shot, using the mountain vistas to embody a sense of isolation.

Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

Picturesquely situated settlements, symbolically bringing people closer to God, constitute a plastic material for Armin Dierolf’s lens, allowing to portray the community in a meaning-creating compositions – numerous serpentines, steep slopes, misty landscapes and rudimentary architecture.

Tomasz Poborca, Pełna Sala

A meditative study of a love that blossoms in springtime but must change like the seasons when misfortune strikes in the Swiss Alps.

Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter