7. Świdnica Film Festival

Back Then


Spektrum competition

In program

25.10.2021 / 17:00
Kup bilet

Director: Kinga Dębska

Producer: Zbigniew Domagalski

Cast: Kinga Preis, Adam Woronowicz, Ewa Wiśniewska, Barbara Papis, Alicja Warchocka

Poland 2021

Marta is a romantic soul and a school victim. He shares a room with her sister Kasia and grandmother (Ewa Wiśniewska), who tells her granddaughters insurgent stories instead of fairy tales. In the room behind the wall, Tadek (Adam Woronowicz) and Elżbieta (Kinga Preis), live their married life. He is an intelligent constantly humiliated by the system, who makes moonshine after work and quietly envies his brother-in-law (Rafał Rutkowski). She is the head of the company’s ‘Solidarity’ with the need for freedom and a dream to finally break out of Poland. However, the real emotions for the whole family will begin when their dream car stands in front of the apartment block. Ela and Tadek will discover a passion to trade and travel abroad, and the growing up Marta will really fall in love for the first time in her life.

Director Kinga Dębska will be the quest of the Q&A session after the screening of the film.

A story about turning ordinary into symbolic

Michał Walkiewicz, Filmweb

Leaves sweet aftertaste

Rafał Cgrist, Spiderweb

It is not a chronicle of the People’s Republic of Poland, but an universal story about honest emotions, pure intentions, simple dreams and youthful innocence

Natalia Hluzow, RadioZET

Acting is better here than in undoubtedly the director’s greatest hit

Maciej Kędziora, Filmawka

We want to touch you
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