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Blue Jean

Kadr z filmu Blue Jean

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28.10.2023 / 14:00
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PL: Blue Jean

Director: Georgia Oakley

Script: Georgia Oakley

Cinematography: Victor Seguin

Editing: Izabella Curry

Producer: Hélène Sifre

Cast: Rosy McEwen, Kerrie Hayes, Lucy Halliday

United Kingdom 2022


In this debut from British filmmaker Georgii Oakley, winner of four Independent British Film Awards, Blue Jean boldly queers the 1980s to the rhythm of the decade’s dynamic hits, but this cinematic gem resonates, especially in Poland, with surprisingly contemporary topicality. You see, a concerned government, worried about the youth, bans the “promotion of homosexuality,” and our main protagonist, Jane, a P.E. teacher, diligently trains to conceal her orientation, only stepping out of the closet in a lesbian bar, where she ventures with her girlfriend. The tension in Jean’s double life reaches its zenith when a new student shows up at her school. Oakley’s film, pulsating with rebellious energy and featuring the electrifying Rosy McEwaen, mercilessly condemns the homophobic Britain of Margaret Thatcher’s era and cleverly subverts the lesson plan – transforming Blue Monday into Rainbow Friday.

Trenchant and sadly still timely.

David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Aside from its smart writing and grounding in real-world stakes, Blue Jean also has courageous performances. McEwen as Jean is exquisitely torn, giving an impressively internal performance that eventually spills over.

Alejandra Martinez, Austin Chronicle

A confident, moody and superbly acted debut feature from Georgia Oakley.

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

Oakley’s care and McEwen’s intense performance make “Blue Jean” one of this year’s most impressive movies.

Monica Castillo, RogerEbert.com

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