7. Świdnica Film Festival



Amatours Competition The Youth Perspective

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27.10.2021 / 12:30
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30.10.2021 / 9:30
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Director: Michał Cygan

Producer: Michał Cygan

Cast: Piotr Armatys, Michał Cygan

Poland 2021

The protagonist, whose name is unknown, spends evenings venting his grievances and resentments by hating, insulting, and humiliating other people on the Internet. At one point, an unknown person sends him a message – if he doesn’t stop hating and doesn’t start deleting his posts, he will die. At first, the protagonist laughs off the message, treating it as an unfunny joke, but with time he notices that he is actually being observed and begins to understand the scale of his actions, so he tries to face his conscience and his actions.

He tries to face his conscience and his actions.

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