7. Świdnica Film Festival

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The Youth Perspective – Short Fiction competition

Director: Karolina Gliniewicz

Producer: Karolina Gliniewicz

Poland 2021

This experimental short movie is exploring the notion of art created with the use of artificial intelligence. Unique collection of 1,232 photos taken in the pandemics period becames a database, which Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) use to generate new, synthetic data. The movie brings closer the idea of how this process looks. You can see the progress and notice the difference as the sequences in the movie progressed; the shapes are getting more defined, more complicated and detailed. However, it looks like a trap of perfectionism, endless trials, hopes to improve, not being enough, trying again and again, but only being able to see the tiny changes between the sequences, not the whole journey.

The shapes are getting more defined, more complicated and detailed

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