8th Spektrum
Film Festival

Latte & the Magic Waterstone


Spektrum for kids

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29.10.2022 / 9:30
Kup bilet

Director: Regina Welker, Nina Wels

Producers: Jan Goossen, Lilian Klages, Jesper Møller, Thomas G. Müller

Belgium, Germany 2019

Latte and Bantur are kids-pets and a best friends living in the forest clearing. A brave hedgehog and a goofy squirrel love carefree fun, but everything changes because there is a long drought threatening the inhabitants of the forest. When there is a shortage of drinking water, it is Latte and Bantur who set out on a mission, thanks to which a rapid current is to flow again in the forest streams. A difficult journey awaits them, but the heroes are not about to curl up in a hedgehog into a ball! This fur-and-spiky duo will meet many bristling enemies, whom they must prove that even when you are small, you can become a great hero!

Cute animated adventure has mild scares, positive messages.

Andrea Beach, Common Sense Media

Cute characters and lessons here.

Betty Jo Tucker, ReelTalk Movie Reviews

Done in a way that is easily understandable for a young child.

Savannah Lee, ParentPreviews