7. Świdnica Film Festival

My Wonderful Life


Spektrum competition

In program

26.10.2021 / 17:00
Kup bilet

Director: Łukasz Grzegorzek

Producer: Natalia Grzegorzek

Cast: Agata Buzek, Jacek Braciak, Adam Woronowicz

Poland 2021

It may be wonderful, but is it really mine? This is the question is faced by Joanna (Agata Buzek), the heroine of this comedy by Polish director Łukasz Grzegorzek (Kamper, The Coach’s Daughter). A caring daughter, a laid-back mother, a popular teacher, a wife that’s like a best buddy – she performs perfectly in each of these roles. And none of them have fit for years; the witty film is the story of a woman who no longer wants to be a good girl. Many women who have sacrificed a piece of themselves on the altar of someone else’s expectations will find their reflections in this character, sketched with empathy and phenomenally played by Buzek. The heroine of My Wonderful Life, however, does not feel like a victim: she takes risks, makes mistakes and dances ‘til she drops. The strength of the film is determined not only by “Jo’s” charisma, but also by the fantastic acting triangle, the dynamics of which changes before our eyes: Agata Buzek, Jacek Braciak and Adam Woronowicz – we find ourselves rooting for all three. Their struggle is accompanied by the music of Emade and the song 5 Minutes of Tears by Ralph Kamiński. An attentive eye will also spot another legendary bard, Jaromir Nohavica, on the screen.

Director Łukasz Grzegorzek will be a quest of Q&A session after the screening of the film.

Grzegorzek deserves a double applause – not only for reminding us of the potential of this outstanding and versatile actress, but also for bringing one of the most in-depth and unusual female characters in Polish cinema in recent years to life on the screen

Kamil Kalbarczyk, Filmweb

Actor’s trio sparkling with emotions

Dominik Jedliński, Onet

There is no other than Grzegorzek – an equally insightful, contemporary, sensitive observer of reality

Maciej Kędziora, Filmawka

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