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New Order


Spektrum competition

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27.10.2021 / 17:00
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Director: Michel Franco

Producer: Michel Franco, Cristina Velasco L, Eréndira Núñez Larios, Charlotte Uzu

Cast: Naian González Norvind, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Patricia Bernal, Diego Boneta

France, Mexico 2020

Strong as an unexpected blow, seething with anger like a street crowd, engaging like a political intrigue – ‘New Order’ is an armchair-choking mix of thriller and drama that presents us with a shocking vision of the near future. Winner of the Silver Lion – Jury Prize at the Venice Festival, anticipates tomorrow’s consequences of today’s tensions. Growing inequalities, swelling bubbles of wealth in the midst of a sea of ​​desperation, frustration and poverty must lead to a crisis and the ‘New Order’ begins when the poor are against the rich, color against white, the army against society, and the streets are ruled by chaos .

The director observes this huge shock from the perspective of a family of millionaires who are organizing their daughter’s wedding on estete on the outskirts of Mexico City. The amused elite will see the danger too late, sneaking in unnoticed, like burglars who are about to break the fun. Will those who have come to make amends for centuries of wrongs have mercy at least for those who once showed them their heart? And who will build the ‘New Order’ on the ruins of a collapsing system?

A provocative, observing with cool eye the world brought to a boil, ‘New Order’ is the most radical title in the oeuvre of Michel Franco. Also due to precise editing that give adrenaline and moments of breath. Moving dynamically and smoothly at the same time, the camera takes us right in the middle of the events, keeping us hostage to Franco’s unique style for 88 minutes. Thus, the creator of the intimate, moving ‘Chronic’ and ‘After Lucia’ turned out to be a master of genre cinema, the author of a brilliant political diagnosis and the creator whose catchy film can be put on a shelf next to ‘Joker’ or ‘Parasite’. Keeping my fingers crossed he won’t also turn out to be a prophet.

Incredibly timely but also uniquely upsetting


Audiences might conceivably be divided on the vicious gut punch of Franco’s approach, but as a call for more equitable distribution of wealth and power, it’s terrifyingly riveting

The Hollywood Reporter

‘New Order’ very effectively persuades you that a real-life revolution might well be every bit as ugly, horrifying and un-Hollywood as this shows – and that it is on the way

The Guardian

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