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The Delinquents

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26.10.2023 / 19:45
Kup bilet

PL: Delikwenci

Director: Rodrigo Moreno

Script: Rodrigo Moreno

Cinematography: Alejo Maglio, Inés Duacastella

Editing: Manuel Ferrari, Nicolás Goldbart, Rodrigo Moreno

Producer: Ezequiel Borovinsky

Cast: Daniel Elias, Esteban Bigliardi, Margarita Molfino, German De Silva, Laura Paredes, Mariana Chaud, Cecilia Rainero

Argentina, Brazil, Luxembourg, Chile 2023


The Delinquents by Rodrigo Moreno is unquestionably one of the hits of the latest Cannes. This uproarious, unpredictable, imaginative, and charming tale begins as a social drama about a bureaucrat frustrated with his monotonous existence, only to unexpectedly transform into a full-fledged crime story about a bank heist. And that’s just the beginning! Moreno convinces us that true life and true cinema begin when we shed our shells and break radically free from the shackles of daily life, the illusion of professional and artistic security, existential and cinematic routines. His characters, cashiers Román and Morán, venture into the territory of adventure, where surrounded by nature and in bohemian company, they discover the value (and price) of freedom. This arthouse comedy conceals an abundance of surprises, like a safe that we plunder with delight. From references to classics such as Hardly a Criminal (1949) by Hugo Fregonese, through playful anagrams (Román, Morán, Norma), to the dual role of banker/gangster played by Germán De Silva.

The Delinquents alternatingly dares the viewer to read it as a caper flick, a moral parable, a comedy of coincidences, and an existential probe.

Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

A consistently playful, gradually beguiling existential dramedy on the multitudinous subject of work and freedom.

Isaac Feldberg, RogerEbert.com

Incredibly inventive, refreshing and funny thing about how we should rob a bank, go to the Bieszczady Mountains and never work again. I love with a great love.

Wojciech Tutaj

Rodrigo Moreno methodically unfurls a genius tragicomedy on the elusive nature of freedom.

Carlos Aguilar, The Playlist

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