9th Spektrum
Film Festival
24-29 October 2023
24-29 October 2023

Film Music Concert



26.10 Wednesday
Start: 8:30 p.m.

Entrance: 35 PLN
Only with purchased tickets, it also applies to people with passes.


Justyna Szafran – vocal
Tomasz Leszczyński – vocal
Katarzyna Emose Uhunmwangho – vocal
Artur Caturian – vocal
Rafał Karasiewicz – piano
Jakub Olejnik – contrabass
Marek Kocot – host

For the love of film is an original music project originally realized for the jubilee of the oldest Wrocław cinema by artists associated with the CAPITOL Music Theater in Wrocław. The program of the event consists of several songs used in well-known and respected film productions. All the pieces were re-arranged by Jakub Olejnik, Rafał Karasiewicz and Tomasz Leszczyński. Perfect and original performances, a variety of styles and modesty in terms of production allow you to rediscover the songs and pieces that we perfectly remember from the cinema. The music program is accompanied by film visualizations referring to the works performed by the artists. The whole is neatly linked by a story about cinema as well as stories and anecdotes from the film sets of the titles presented during the concert.


Blue velvet | J. Szafran
I put spell on you | voc. K. E. Uhunmwangho
She’s like a wind | voc. A. Caturian
Kiss from a rose | voc. T. Leszczyński
Golden eye | voc. K. E. Uhunmwangho
La Vie en rose | voc. J. Szafran
Diamonds are girls best friends | voc. T. Leszczyński
Porque te vas | voc. J. Szafran
Pretty woman | voc. A. Caturian
The soop shoop song | voc. K. E. Uhunmwangho
She’s like a wind | voc. A. Caturian
Singing in the rain | voc. T. Leszczyński
Forrest Gump Suite | Forrest Gump | instr.
The heart asks pleasure first | Piano | instr.
Tango | Scent of a Woman | instr.