8th Spektrum
Film Festival
22-29 October 2022
22-29 October 2022

Lecę. Piloci mi to powiedzieli


Meeting with the author

24.10 Sunday
Start: 12:30 p.m.
Photography Gallery

Free entrance

One of the most important functions of reportage is allowing us to enter behind closed doors, to a world that we would not be able to get to know without a specific ambassador, such as a writer. Jan Pelczar, previously known as a film and sports journalist and publisher of news services, makes his debut with the book ‘Lecę. Piloci mi to powiedzieli’. Published by Wydawnictwo Czarne is just such a reportage from the mysterious world of pilots. Why all the characters’ names in the book are changed? What stories are hidden in airplane cockpits? What did his interlocutors say to the author? See for yourself with us during Spektrum, of which Jan Pelczar has been a regular collaborator for years. The meeting will be hosted by the festival’s directors: Paweł Kosuń and Lech Moliński.