10th Spektrum
Film Festival
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024
Świdnica: 22-27 October 2024
Trutnov: 11-13 October 2024

Spektrum for kids

Wrocław Film Foundation and the Świdnica Cultural Center invite you to family cinema screenings 'Spectrum for kids',

a series for children, adolescents, and their parents or guardians, creatively inspired by the conventional weekend cinema sessions.

Before each screening, we invite you to educational film lectures, which will be conducted by Martyna Stec – a psychologist, educator, mediator, and trainer in the area of improving social-emotional skills.

Film screenings will take place at the Świdnica Cultural Center. Tickets are available on www.bilety.sok.com.pl





21.01 | Kicia Kocia mówi: Dzień dobry!, dir. Marta Stróżycka, Anna Błaszczyk, Jacek Rokosz (3+)

Resolute Kitty Cat, along with her faithful friends: Packie, Adelka, and Julianek, bravely explores the world and faces many new situations. Kitty Cat’s adventures reflect the sensitivity of children and depict a daily life full of warmth and joy. Activities such as washing, cooking, train riding, dealing with a cold, or making friends help the youngest ones to become familiar with new emotions and feelings. Kitty Cat has an answer for everything!



17.02 | Binti, dir. Frederike Migom (9+)

Fearless Binti runs a vlog and dreams of fame. However, not everything goes as planned – Binti and her father must leave their home overnight. Being in Belgium illegally, they look for unconventional solutions. They find refuge with Elias, who is committed to saving endangered species, and his creative mom. Despite their vast differences in character, they quickly become friends, united by a common goal! Binti, using the power of the Internet, helps Elias to publicize the campaign to save his beloved animals – the okapis. Binti’s troubles are endless, but Elias unhesitatingly always stands up for his friend. But is that enough? What fate awaits Binti and her father?

‘Binti’ is an award-winning, funny, and touching story about friendship, family, and dreams. Its unique message about creatively using the power of the Internet is a great guide for spending creative, family time in the age of being online.



16.03 | Jakub, Mimi i gadające psy, dir. Edmunds Jansons (6+)

10-year-old Jakub travels for a week to the suburbs of Riga, where he stays with his cousin Mimmi. Reluctantly, the girl introduces him to her world. However, soon the boy makes an extraordinary acquaintance with… a gang of talking dogs. One day, one of the animals is kidnapped, and Mimmi’s beloved park is taken over by an investor. The children and dogs join forces in a battle to save their favorite place and the four-legged friend.

The film is an original animation, whose charm is enhanced by the music of Krzysztof A. Janczak.





21.04 | Filonek bezogonek, dir. Christian Ryltenius (4+)

When a kitten named Filonek appears in Birgitta’s home, the girl is overjoyed. However, Filonek, like every cat, follows his own path and one day gets lost in the forest. His dangerous journey leads him to a big city, where he meets a whole bunch of colorful characters. Maybe someone will show him the way home? But before that happens, Filonek becomes a star of the stage, helps kittens in trouble, befriends the self-confident Maja, and comes face to face with a gang of dogs.

‘Filonek bezogonek’ is a classic, adventure animation about accepting differences, the need for solidarity, and offering help. A beloved and iconic character of Swedish children’s literature in a new adaptation!



11.05 | Jak ocalić smoka, dir. Katarina Launing (6+)

In a sleepy town, preparations for the holidays are underway. Everyone is busy decorating trees and baking cakes. The exception is the mysterious Sara, who has nowhere to live and sneaks into empty houses in search of food and warmth. When she is caught by the clumsy Mortimer, and a dragon covered in green scales falls through the basement window, everything turns upside down. Concerned about the fate of the lost creature, Sara and Mortimer decide to help it return to its fairy-tale world. Hiding a fire-breathing dragon is not easy at all. The creature becomes increasingly mischievous and breaks free. Will the friends manage to find the magical land and save the dragon?

Winner of the Young Horizons International Film Festival, this movie carries a strong message about the need for community. The characters together discover that friendship, sacrifice, and courage blur dividing differences and connect worlds that only seem distant.






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