10th Spektrum
Film Festival
22-27 October 2024
22-27 October 2024

Spectrum of pleasure

What will happen at the Bolko festival club?

𝟮𝟲.𝟭𝟬, thursday | 10:𝟯𝟬 pm Film Quiz + karaoke

The Spektrum Festival is not only about film screenings and meetings with creators, but also evening integration and time spent in friendly company. On Thursday, Miłosława Bożek (Radio Wrocław Kultura and KinoTalk Podcast) and Lech Moliński (Wrocław Film Foundation) invite you to play together and say “Save the Changes!” and, as a duo of millennials, they will try to look at the times at the turn of the new millennium.

Especially for this evening, they have prepared a quiz in which you will answer absurd questions and try to recognize stills from films and fragments of film music. The three best teams in the final will try their hand at film puns. Valuable, priceless and objectively worthless prizes await the winners!

Teams of up to three people can participate in the game. Participation is free. We do not use mobile phones in the game.

After a tense (and absurd) game, we invite you to karaoke with the Spektrum team. Repertoire – unlimited!





𝟮𝟳.𝟭𝟬, friday | 10:𝟰𝟱 pm Concert Kwit/квіт + DJ set: Pincoya

On festival Friday, we have a treat for music fans!

Enter the mesmerizing realm of kwit/квіт, the enigmatic electronic music duo that skillfully combines the ethereal soundscapes of Johannes Niehaus with the poetic and haunting vocals of Marina Mashtaler. Together they conjured a sonic alchemy that set the world of music on fire. By a dazzling set of circumstances, in 2023 they rose to new heights, winning the coveted title at the 43rd Actor Song Festival, becoming a musical revelation of our times.

Their musical workshop is a captivating fusion of languages, as they weave lyrical stories in both Ukrainian and Polish. Within these linguistic nuances, kwit/квіt masterfully combines an eclectic range of electronic styles, pushing the boundaries of convention to create a uniquely refreshing genre within classic pop.

And right after the concert, Pincoya will conjure up her set for us!

Author of the program “I’m Flying and Listening” on Radio LUZ, in which she shares what sparks at the intersection of electronics and traditional music from Latin America. As Pincoya, he continues his mission on club dance floors, presenting a selection of Afrohouse, reggaeton, dembow and baile funk.



𝟮𝟴.𝟭𝟬, saturday | 10:𝟬𝟬 pm Bingo of Tenderness + Intergenerational dance + DJ set: Helena DARK

Bingo of Tenderness closes our festival club this year!

Immediately after the official end of the festival, we will move to the Bolko Club, where under the care of the team from Czuła jest noc, Filip and Basia, we will put ourselves in the hands of a crazy crossword puzzler. Anyone who has never played bingo has not really lived. This is a game that requires reflexes, good hearing and a bit of luck. Rounds full of emotions will awaken your gambling cravings 😉

After the gambling games, something for fans of more dancing attractions. We are having an intergenerational dance party at the Bolko Club! Take your friends and family, put on evening clothes and comfortable shoes – we’re going to party until dawn! Our leader this year and the guarantor of good fun will be Jan Chrzan (Wrocław Film Foundation).

The dancing evening will be close by Dj Aldi – DJ, designer, co-founder of the Poznań collective Kwarz. She has been on the scene for 2 years, playing, organizing events and hosting the Anomaly podcast series. In his sets, he combines various genres of electronic music, from minimal techno to trance and drone, with an open look at techno, playing with aesthetics, tempo and emotions, while maintaining energy and coherence. She performed in clubs such as Schron, Lab, Oficyna, House..

Save the changes
Save the changes