10th Spektrum
Film Festival

Ultima Thule


Spektrum competition

In program

25.10.2023 / 17:15
Kup bilet

PL: Ultima Thule

Director: Klaudiusz Chrostowski

Script: Klaudiusz Chrostowski

Cinematography: Michał Rytel-Przełomiec

Editing: Sandra Ksepka, Krzysztof Komander

Producers: Beata Rzeźniczek, Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska, Klaudiusz Chrostowski, Jakub Gierszał

Cast: Jakub Gierszał, Arthur Henri, Weronika Humaj, Chloe Tallack, Barbara Chrostowska

Poland 2023


Bartek, a 30-year-old, unexpectedly loses his father. Tormented by remorse, he decides to leave his life behind and embarks on a long and lonely journey to the most secluded British isle.

The screening will be followed by Q&A session with director Klaudiusz Chrostowski.

A surprising and minimalist journey to the end of the world to find your own forgiveness.

Michał Piepiórka

A moving story about self-discovery, nature and unexpected friendship. A humble story with great power.

Marcin Radomski, Interia Film

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