9th Spektrum
Film Festival
24-29 October 2023
24-29 October 2023

Who will leave with the SPEKTRUM award this year?

Cannes, Venice, Gdynia, Rotterdam ... and Świdnica! Straight from the biggest film festivals to the Spektrum Competition - here are the 10 films that intrigued us the most this year and we can't wait to see who you will give the Audience Award to.

Among the competition titles you will find:
Silent Twins – the visionary newest film by Agnieszka Smoczyńska which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, this year’s winner of the Golden Lions for Best Film at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, based on a true story of twins who stopped communicating with the world (in one of the main roles Letitia Wright known from Black Panther);
IO – the latest film by the master of cinema Jerzy Skolimowski, a Polish candidate for an Oscar and a breathtaking odyssey, an impressive picture of the contemporary world seen through the eyes of an inconspicuous hero – a donkey.
Close – one of the most beautiful films of this year’s Cannes, awarded with the Grand Prix, is a sensual and sensitive story about the friendship of two 13-year-olds and the second full-length film by Lukas Dhont, the director awarded the Audience Award of the 5th edition of Spektrum Film Festival in 2019 for the film Girl;
Triangle of Sadness – another film by Ruben Östlund awarded with the Palme d’Or in Cannes which this time takes us on a crazy cruise on a luxury ship, is a well-written, wild comedy, divided into three surprising acts and an extremely timely and predatory commentary on our absurdly cruel times.
Full list of competition titles below:

Borders of Love, dir. Tomasz Wiński, Poland, Czech Republic 2022, 95′
Close, dir. Lukas Dhont, Belgium, Netherlands, France 2022, 105′
Chrzciny, dir. Jakub Skoczeń, Poland 2022, 88′
EO, dir. Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, Italy 2022, 88′
Shreds, dir. Beata Dzianowicz, Poland 2022, 98′
Sonata, dir. Bartosz Blaschke, Poland 2021, 118′
Sundown, dir. Michel Franco, France, Sweden, Mexico 2021, 82′
The Five Devils, dir. Léa Mysius, France 2022, 96′
The Silent Twins, dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Poland, USA 2022, 113′
Triangle of Sadness, dir. Ruben Östlund, Germany, France, Sweden, United Kingdom 2022, 147′

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